Accademic information


Attendance is compulsory in all subjects (Theory and Practical) in the concerned course. Candidates are required to get at least 75% attendance of the total classes conducted in the Semester in each and every subject, otherwise he/she will not qualify himself/herself to appear for the semester Examination to be conducted by the Board of Technical Examination, Bangalore, at end of each Semester.


Students should maintain perfect discipline within and outside the class. They must work quietly in the Drawing Hall, Laboratories, and workshops and in the Departments. Students should behave courteously with the members of the staff. They are forbidden from doing any damage to the property of the Institution. If a student is found to have been suffering from a contagious disease, he/she will not be allowed to attend the classes. A student cannot remain absent himself/herself from the classes or examination without prior permission of the Principal. Smoking and Chewing of Pan, Gutaka, Tobacco, etc. in the college premises is strictly forbidden.

IA Tests & Examinations :

Regular class tests will be conducted during the Semester. Tests are compulsory for each student and the absence for the tests will be viewed seriously. The Board of Technical Examination, Bangalore at end of each Semester, will conduct the Examination. The marks secured in the Internal Tests, are being considered for Semester Examination.IA test are compulsory best of marks scored in the best of two out of three will be considered for final IA assessment. usually 6th week, 10th week and 14th week of every semester common test exam will be conducted. Defaulter in the IA test will not be allowed for the Board Examinations.